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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pray For Julian!

The little boy above is close to my heart. He is part of my extended family. You see Julian is one of Jeremy's brothers from his dad's side. As I type this Julian is undergoing surgery to have a shunt placed to relieve pressure off his brain stem. The prognosis isn't looking good. As the Neurosurgeon explained to Tommy (Jeremy and Julian's dad), the brain stem is one of the parts of the brain that is least tolerable to injury.

What lead up to this point is as follows. Tommy and Carla (Julian's parents) were headed to a parent teacher conference with Julian. Originally, Julian was to stay with his grandmother, but asked if he could go with them. At some point Julian suddenly started complaining of his head hurting and saying something was wrong. His dad had him turn his neck from side to side asking him if his neck was hurting too. (Jeremy's dad is also a nurse and was thinking this could be meningitis.) He decided to give him some ibuprofen and they headed to the parent teacher conference. On the way there, he kept asking Julian questions which he answered without any problems. They met with the teacher and after it was over they were walking towards Julian's desk to pick up his things when Julian began crying. Tommy kept asking Julian what's wrong, but Julian didn't respond. He sat him down in a chair and Julian's head fell back. At that point, he lowered him to the floor, and Julian began having seizures and posturing. Julian was brought to the nearest hospital and from there he was life flighted to Hartford where he was intubated on a ventilator in the PICU up until this surgery.

Julian had a AV malformation in his ear a few years back that was surgically repaired. It looks like he had another AV malformation in his brain stem that went undetected.

Tommy also mentioned that Julian wrote him and Carla letters this afternoon telling them how much he loved them. Tommy said the letters sounded like he was saying goodbye.

My son is obviously upset as we all are. All I can do is pray with him, hold him and comfort him. I wish I could make this all better. Will you all please, Please, PLEASE pray for Julian and ask God to give him a miracle?

Lord please be with Julian and give him a miracle. Lord, put Your healing hand on him. Be with his surgeons, doctors, nurses and anyone else involved in his care. Give them the wisdom to know exactly the right thing to do. And Lord be with his parents, Jeremy, and other loved ones as they go through this difficult time. Let them feel the comfort of Your Presence. I ask and pray this in Your Holy Name, Jesus. Amen!

4 Sweet Thoughts Shared:

momtojesse said...

Oh wow Shannon. Prayers to Julian and his family.

Tamara said...

That's heartbreaking, Shannon. Of course, we'll pray for him - and Jeremy -

Christina said...

I am praying for you all Shannon! Praying for a miracle!

AZ Chapman said...

hope it goes well